Amira Saunders

Name... Amira Saunders

Age... 24

Hair Color... Red

Length... Short and she hates it.

Aspiration... Wants to be a celebrity

Traits... Loves music, she's kind of messy, and is somewhat of a goofball

Weakness... she believes everything people tell her.

Strengths... loves to play and makes time for it in her life

photo... morguefile

Notes For Camryn's Story

Camryn's Goal:  To Find someone who loves her...

Camryn is ready for a change. She wants a nice quiet place to write her romance novels, finds a perfect little one bedroom cottage in the country and makes an offer.  Before she knows it... the cottage is hers. While exploring, she stumbles an old door  in the ground, hidden by some over grown bushes. Pulling at the weeds, she discovers an old ring attached to the door.  She pries  it open to find a staircase leading down into the ground.

She will use this later. But something snaps in Camryn when she meets a man that supposedly is interested in her.  He doesn't get around to telling her that he is married. She is furious... that begins the story. He is locked in her basement. What she does with him is still to be determined.

The Future
Camryn seems to always attract the wrong men and if they disappoint her, down into the underground rooms they go.  After a few years she fills in the stairway and then plants some flowers where it once was. No one is the wiser  She sells the house and moves on. 

This is an entire new side of Camryn that even she didn't even know existed. She feels no guilt about making these men pay and actually feels that she is doing their wives a favor by allowing them to move on and finding a man who would honestly love them. 

So, Camryn finally finds the man of her dreams... who actually loves her!!  What happens if he should find out about her past??

 Locations Used:

Locations Used
Magnolia Promenade
Myshuno Meadows


She pretends to be nervous about living there... but she is not. She writes ROMANCE NOVELS  hacks,


What Do You Know About Haunted Creeks?

Take 60 seconds and write down everything you can think of that has anything to do with creeks. You might consider how big the last one that you saw was, or
how fast it moved...
did anyone fish from it...
did you ever see tadpoles...
did you ever see any wildlife on the shores...
how would you know if it was haunted??

So, how long was your list? I hope that you have at least 25 items on it!!

So, why am I asking??  At some point, you might want to work a creek into your novel, and you are going to need enough details to bring it to life. The more you know, the better your story.

The Spider Web... hahaha

*I have seen this used on a big front porch and it looks sooo real. If you are writing a Halloween story, this would work quite nicely as inspiration!


Story Starters For a Rainy Saturday Afternoon

She Believes in Little People

I was talking to a lady a couple of days ago who I might be distantly related to. We have the same surnames on our family tree and both families lived in the same town, so there is a good chance that we will find a connection.  She also said that Aunt Jane (from Ireland btw) believed in Little People!!  I don't know her well enough yet, to ask her to elaborate... but I would love to know more!! Can't help but wonder what lead her to believe or is simply something that is common place in Ireland?

If someone was to ask you if you believed... what would you tell them??

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What happened To Larry?

Larry loves the countryside. He can walk for hours and hours but always arrives home in time for dinner. Today he didn't. What do you think happened to him.

You have sixty seconds or you can leave me a five word sentence.

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Would you use barb wire?

I now live in the country, but there is absolutely no reason for me to use barb wire on our  property. But, I did like the picture. Now if you were going to use this photo for inspiration, would your character take it down or leave it as it is!!

Photo Credit: morguefile

Still new here living in the country but can't wait to see what wild flowers will be blooming here come summer!!

Describing a Frozen Rose

You might think that you know how to describe this rose. Spend sixty seconds thinking about how a child would describe it.

Would a little girl describe it differently??

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