Cornwall Cliffs... what happened here?

Today we are using a photo to help set the scene. It's a shot that I took in Cornwall, England a couple of years ago. And yes, you can walk right to the edge of the cliffs which scared me silly. Personally, I wouldn't go within 5 feet of the edge, but my daughter insisted that she needed to get closer to take some of her shots, which were indeed spectacular. Still, it looked awfully dangerous to me.

So, I have a couple of questions for you to ponder.
1. Check out a map of Cornwall. The names of the villages are really unusual. while you are looking, see if you can spot a village named Mousehole... yes, it does exist.

2. Cornwall has some pretty unusual plants growing there. It might help to check them out as well. I think that you will be quite surprised. Palm trees actually grow there, but there are lots more.

3. Why would your characters wander along the cliff edge?

4. Describe a typical day based on what you see.

5. If you get a chance, visit Prussia Cove. Now that's where I would love to live and it is one busy place. When we were leaving, a camera crew were pulling in to film a movie. But that was in the cove, the house that I want was wet high up on a cliff. I think that I have a photo of that too. I will see if I can dig it up! (It's not this one, just in case you are wondering)

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