*How To Make Writing Fun For Your Children

*How To Make Writing Fun For Your Children

Writing a story as I mentioned above can be extremely difficult for a lot of children. I guess that I was an odd child lol because a blank notebook was always exciting to me. It meant that I could create what I wanted and take my characters where ever I wanted them to go. And yes, my favorite department in a store was always the stationary department and if truth be known, it still is. I love fresh pencils, markers and lots and lots of paper!

Unfortunately, a blank book, fancy pencils or not, can still create panic in some children. They need a little direction to help them create something out of nothing. Here's a few tips that worked well with my group of kids.

1. Fill a large paper sack with items that can help jumpstart their imaginations. When it's time to create something, take all of the items out of the bag and suggest that the children use the items to help tell the story.

2. Cut a photo out of a magazine and let that be your jumping off point. Ask your child to tell you what happened next!

3. If your child has difficulties with spelling, let him create his own personal spelling book. Into the book goes the difficult words with the correct spelling. Not only will it help with that aspect of writing, it just might be a place to look for ideas.

4. The last tip leads me to the creation of an idea book. It's kind of like a diary where your child can write all of the things that he has seen, read or heard that he might be able to use in a story at a later date. I have had one of these for years and one entry can be traced back to when I was about ten years old. I was a big Trixie Beldon fan and in one of the books, the characters were eating chocolate cake and spiced grape juice. Obviously to a ten year old, that was pretty exciting!

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