Making Writing Fun

When I was little, I loved to stretch out across my bed and write stories. Give me a blank book of paper and a pencil and I was in heaven. Sometimes I think that we forget all about the fun part. I hope this blog brings a little of it back! :)

If you need a little nudging every once in a while, please bookmark me. It's... All about putting the fun back into writing :)

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Anonymous said...

it was a misty morning
dark clouds in the sky were swiftly moving in a single direction
for more than an hour a wood-pecker had been sitting and singing on the huge tree
unmindful of chilly weather
the tall distant hills looked blue
while the smaller ones in the foreground appeared as green carpets covered over them
the green leaves and grass were quite clean and fresh with the rains of the previous night
the voices of men walking across the road could be heard
the forest was full of beauty
the freshness and newness of life should be felt at every moment
otherwise life becomes a drab and disgusting existence
the wonder and beauty of life can be understood only with the constant renewal of the mind
a mind burdened with knowledge
desires and ambitions can neither understand nor appreciate the beauty of life
a mind that has come to a conclusion can never know reality

i now follow your beautiful blog