Today's Prompts Take You To the Old House

I know that there are a lot of people out there who have an amazing novel inside of them. It's the getting it out of you that's the hard part! I'm hoping that this series of articles will help make it a little bit easier for you. There's one little problem...

So, what is the problem?? You are afraid of that blank screen that is sitting in front of you and waiting for you to fill it up with words. The minute you glance at the screen, all of those clever thoughts simple disappear from your head. They are just gone! To remedy that, I have put together a sixty second proposal for you. All you are going to need is a kitchen time or even use the one that is offered here. Just click the button and it will start your count down. All you have to do is write for sixty seconds on any of the topics that I have chosen for the day. And, if you want to go over the sixty seconds, well, that's okay too!! And did you notice that I said that you just have to pick one... on the other hand if you see other prompts that create a spark... go for it!

1. You see something in the window. What are you going to do next.

2. There is a For Sale sign in the yard and it would make a great place to write ghost stories... Would you consider it?

3. The front door seems to be ajar. Are you going to go inside to explore?

4. You hear sounds coming from inside as you walk by. It sounds like someone is in trouble.

5. Your husband has just returned home with news that he has found the perfect house for your family. You drive by and take a look. It is the most run down looking house that you
have ever seen but he has already fallen in love with it. What will you do?

So, wasn't that easy? You have just given yourself permission to play and that is what writing was all about when you were a kid right??


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