Working on our town restaurant

We are doing a little catch up :)

Our First Town Business

Today, I want you to look at your map and then choose your very first business for your town. (I'm thinking that every town needs a restaurant. Lets start there.Take a second sheet and write down what kind of restaurant  it is going to be. .

Now lets give it a name. Tomorrow we will begin to flesh out your restaurant. How big will it be? How many people work there? See you tomorrow :)

Today, we will imagine how the restaurant looks like from the street. Is it bigger than you would first expect? Is it tiny? What is the first thing that the patrons will see as they are walking on the opposite side of the street? The owners (who we will name tomorrow) will want to do something to catch their eye!

Today ...
we are going to think about the family who owns the restaurant. Is it your regular mom and pop style of restaurant or does this family have something to hide?  Once we get that out of the way, you can begin to think of names for the owners. Tomorrow, we will consider who works there.