The Bakery With No Name

Yesterday we were working on the placement of our little bakery. Have you decided on what is going to make that little bakery successful?Here's what I have so far in the locations tab of Write It Now...

How big is the bakery? Really tiny one
How owns the bakery?  Sandra Buckingham
Who is it's biggest customer. (haven't decided yet)
Bakery... what is it famous for?? They just sell Butter Tarts...
The Bakery is located right around the corner from Maggie's

You can see that the bakery is slowly coming to life. Tomorrow we will decide on how Sandra lures in her customers. At a later date in the "character tab" I will slowly get to know Sandra and how she found herself owning the bakery... which I have yet to name. ;)

Tomorrow we will add an boarding house so that we can add some characters to the town. The "boarding house" can be  as luxurious or lack there of as you decide.

To keep track of all of your details, invest in a school binder with lots of dividers or use the program that I'm using... Write It Now.  It does all of the hard work for you.