Your Character Is Sick

There seems to be a lot of flu bugs going around this month and I'm one of the lucky ones to have picked one up. Here are some symptoms that you can borrow for your ailing character. You are freezing cold one minute, and hot the next. One minute you think that you have nearly kicked it and the next, you are feeling lousy again. You have no appetite and you look awful! I think that I could go on, but I  think that I've shared enough and I'm getting tired! Now go and add one more symptom!

Photo Credit: Morguefile

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What We Are All About When I was little, I loved to stretch out across my bed and write stories. Give me a blank book of paper and a pencil and I was in heaven. Sometimes I think that we forget all about the fun part. I hope this blog brings a little of it back! :) You have one minute to write down anything that comes into your head! Starting now :)