Make It What You Wish!

I actually took this photograph in Jamaica, but  for some reason, I don't remember very much about it. You can see where I was standing but have no idea why I was there or what I was going to do.   So, I'm going to just put it out there.  Exactly what is it, do you think? At first thought, it looks as if it is steps leading down to something... but what is it and why is the water foaming like it appears to be?  I'm really curious curious to see what you come up with!!
Also Available...Thoughts For An Early Morning
I think that I began to love quotes when I began to thumb through my mom's Women's Day magazines. They always devoted an entire page to quotes that were sent in by their readers. They were so thought provoking. I always looked forward to reading them.
Too Old To Care
This is my second most popular blog. It is filled with videos that I have found during the day. It is so easy to miss the good ones. I hope that you enjoy what I have found!!