Estella Grabs a Can of Pumpkin!

It was as much of a surprise to the owner of the cafe that they had run out of pumpkin pie as it was to Estella.  Customers very seldom ordered pie, but the week leading up to Thanksgiving surprised them all. "Any chance you know how to throw together Pumpkin Pies ?" the owner asked.

"I have never made a pie in my life," Estella admitted,  "but I have been told that I can make a pretty good pumpkin bread."

 "Well, I guess it's better than nothing.  Let Mary take over and you get busy on the bread." 

Estella hasn't had many things go right in her life to date... could this be the day everything changes? The customers will either love her pumpkin bread or hate it. Where do you think this is going??

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