I Don't Think That It's Too Early!! Stocking Stuffers For Writers

Generally, stocking stuffers can get extremely expensive, but not for writers. I guess that we are an easy bunch to please lol. Just in case you have a writer that you will be buying for, here are ten stocking stuffers that I hope to get in my stocking this year.

1. Little Notebooks. 

Yes, I'm a paper junkie and I just have to have a notebook with me at all times. And it seems that I'm always filling them up and then I have to by MYSELF another one. I like it even more when someone else buys them for me. ;)


I'm always marking a page in one book or another so the more I have the better I like it.

3. A Coffee Mug

I love a coffee mug printed with something that says that I'm a writer. Yeah, we do have egos lol.

4. A Writer's Block

My daughter-in-law actually got me one of these a few years ago. They are simply tear off sheets that you can scribble notes to yourself.

5. Colorful Push Pins

I know... they might sound boring, but just this year, I told my daughter that I wanted some for Christmas, because I lost all of mine with this move!

6. A Leather Book Weight

I have one of these and it is so handy to hold a book open when I am trying to read what it says and type and the same time.

7. A Rechargeable Book Light

I love to read in the car at night, especially on long trips. It helps to pass the time. And yes, it is a well known fact that I'm a horrible traveler.

8. Chocolate

I have my office in the basement and I just love to take a break every so often and savor a square of chocolate.  The one that I'm working my way through right now is Lindt Intense Orange.  It's melting in my mouth as we speak. ;)

9. The Emotion Thesaurus by Angela Ackerman

Now this is on my Christmas list. I'm holding out to see if I get it... if not, I plan on buying it myself.

10. A Pen Knib Ring

I saw this on Etsy and it's so unusual!  The seller is Michellemach.  She has a lot of really cute writer gift idea! 

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