Is There A Book Inside of You?

Every day you learn something new, and that goes for me too.  I am participating in a challenge and one of the things that I have to do today is write about why I created this blog and what I hope to accomplish. Well, it's pretty simple actually.

Lets begin with me. I am a writer with very little PATIENCE. I love to curl up with long  novels, but I could never sit down and write one. To research a 900 page novel  doesn't appeal to me to all.  Oddly enough, I prefer to write about writing and that is what gave me the idea for 60 Second Writer.

 What I do love to write is  non-fiction! My most popular book to date is a book about Gift Baskets and my next will be about money.  All of my projects are easy to write and because I loved the topics!  By the way...  you have no idea how many funny gift baskets you can come up with.

So, that's what you have to do. Find what you like to write and go for it. If you like short pieces, it might be restaurant reviews for your local paper. Yes, I have done that too!!  Half the fun of those are the odd looks that you get from the restaurant patrons.  Needless to say, there are zillions of possibilities!!

 So, I want  all of you to know that there are all kinds of writing... from 900 page novels to poems and everything in between And all it takes is SIXTY SECONDS to get started!

photo credit: morguefile