Mixing Up Character Names!

I can't believe that I did it, but I used the same name twice!  I gave two different characters exactly the same name. It wouldn't cause any harm because it was once on The Sixty Second Writer and once on The Sixty Second Writer for Kids.  The only person that was confused was me.  The only way I caught it was the fact that I have a file for my characters so that I can go back and look at their family history and other details. It was then that I spotted my mistake. So, now my second Samantha will now be referred to as Rachel. She was originally going going to be called Anna, and then I noticed how close the name was to Abbie. That was just asking for trouble.

So, in the coming days, a new character will drive you crazy lol!

**While I still have your attention, does she make a better Rachel than she did as Samantha? What do you think??

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