Using Grey's Anatomy for my novel research

I really don't know very much about the medical field, but I do love to watch Grey's Anatomy. Okay, I'm kidding here! I don't think that I have ever used anything from the show in my writing, but I certainly know a lot about the goings on inside of a hospital! Looks like one fun place to meet interesting people! But my whole point is to do a bit of research for illnesses that you might be able to sound knowledgeable about. You will probably won't use more than five in a life time unless you are a Robin Cook fan and want to be a medical novelist.

On the other hand, you might be lucky enough to know someone who is in the industry. My sister has a friend who works in a hospital and I once wanted to know if the emergency room is as crazy as they say during a full moon. I brought up her profile on Facebook and shot her a message. I heard back within 15 minutes... and she sent me all the info that I needed.

photo: morguefile

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