Today's Writing Tip

Some people hate editing and some people love it. Don't ask me why some people love it, but it certainly isn't me, but I have heard that this can be  the case.  When they have a draft of a book in front of them, they actually have something to work with. But if you have no patience... then what?

Give yourself permission to write the first draft as badly as possible and then when you are finished, then get to work with the polishing. At least you have something finished. I think that  THAT is sometimes the problem. You are so intent on getting the first draft finished that it simply begins to gather dust. How many of you actually have more than one partial draft sitting in a drawer somewhere??

Have you notice just how many books there are promising to help you write a novel in 6 weeks? That is some pretty fast writing, but at least, at the end of that time, you have something sitting in front of you waiting for a little attention!!

photo: morguefile

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