I Can Now Write With Authority About Shoveling The Sidewalk

And, in my scene I can now say more than... I just shoveled the sidewalk!

We have a very long
sidewalk! Now I know what it feels to shovel heavy wet snow while your back is yelling at you to go inside. I know what it feels like to hit a patch of ice that causes you to slip. I know the jerking sensation of catching some ice with the edge of your shovel. I also know what the air smells like! It can almost be nice out there!! Who knew??

There is the fact that the temp is already at zero and it's supposed to rain tomorrow, and I could be doing all of this shoveling for nothing, but I do have a new bit of info to weave into a story!!

Try to learn something new each day and then write about it in your journal. You will never know when you will want to weave the info into a scene. And as of this morning... now I know!


photo: morguefile

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