Today I Don't Feel Like Writing... So??

 Since moving to a really tiny little house where there is no room for anything, I do find myself not much in the mood to write, let alone do anything else. It's quite a horrid way to live, but this morning a fellow writer dealt with the topic. It's well worth a read. I know that it was for me. I think that I will kill two birds with one stone... even if I hate that term. I'm going to head out and get some fresh air. I can bundle up against this cold. I used to volunteer at my kid's school on the playground and I can remember temps getting down to -30 celcius. Trust me, you don't forget those temps and I simply dressed for it. Not really that big a deal. So, I get a little winter sunshine and get some of my steps in for the day!!  And, chances are... I will feel like writing again! :)

Five Ways To Deal With Apathy

photo: morguefile


Haresh Kapadia said...

Thanks a lot for mentioning my post. I'm glad it helped and I appreciate the kind words!

S.P Bragg said...

You are very welcome! I will be watching for more gems from you!