Treat Yourself To ONE Empty Book

I love to journal, but I make one mistake.Unfortunately,  I don't use just one book. It seems that every time I go out shopping, I buy myself another empty journal. Just can't help myself. I love to sit in the mall with a cup of coffee, open up a book with fresh paper and the words begin flowing! It's amazing what you can think of to write when you are sitting in a mall! Problem is, that when I get home, I have forgotten,  where I put the journal and  reach for the first book that I see with empty pages, waiting for my words of wisdom.

I think that this year, I'm going to buy a proper book... and then it is going to be my journal until 2016 comes to an end!!  I recently found pages that I had written about a holiday that we took even before we were married.  Already, I have forgotten where I put it. This move has really done a number on us. We need one drawer where everything can be slid into until it finds its rightful home.

Now back to the journal. Grab yourself one and see if you can write something every single day!

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