Turning To Page 75 In Your Thesaurus

I have my thesaurus out on my desk and I'm ready to add a new word to my vocabulary. I'm not  sure that I will ever use it, but it makes me sound smart lol.  I hate it when I'm reading a book and the author uses a word that I don't know. Okay, there will never come the day when I know every word in the dictionary, but I can always learn a new one.

So, open your thesaurus  to the page instructed and then close your eyes and run your finger down the page. Stop before you reach the bottom and check out the word beneath your finger. If you know... yeah for you. If you don't, write it down and then spend the rest of the day trying to work it into your conversation during dinner. It sometimes helps with Scrabble too lol!

photo: morguefile

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