What I Found Today...

Now, I think that you are going to like this. There are 5 tools that you can use to make 2016, you best year as a writer... yet. I especially like number 2.  You are instructed to dream the biggest dream that you possibly can for the outcome that you would like to see come true for this year. I am pretty sure that I have a friend who is using this idea!! I will have to email her and let her know that I have guessed her secret.  She loves to write scripts and she has come a long way. And if that isn't enough for her, she has even managed to get small parts in two movies.

Now you are probably wondering if she lives in a huge city, where this is no biggy at all, but she lives in a little northern town in Ontario and she has made her dream come true... at least for last year. Who knows what she has planned for this year!

Here's the link for the 5 tools!!

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