What Makes You Buy a Book?

Have you ever thought about what makes you buy a book?? I didn't realize it until last night when I was reading "***Write Your Next Novel in a Month" by Jeff Gerke, but he's right.

While I have no intentions of writing a book in a month... at least until I read his book lol,  I learn something from every book that I read! You would not believe my bookshelf lol.  Anyway,  Jeff brought up a lot of really good points about why we pick up a book. He gives a reader 4 points that have to be met. Tthe ordinary reader will likely, check out 5 different areas of the book and if he sees fit to award the book 4 points, he will very likely buy the book! If not, he will go looking for the next book that catches his eye.  Do you have certain criteria for buying a novel??

And I learned some of the mistakes that I make when I buy a book. Way, too often, it's because I like the cover... especially if it's a Christmas novel. The picture will grab me all the time and that is exactly what the publisher is hoping for.

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