About Me

Okay, I'm sitting here wondering what on earth to tell you. What would anyone want to know? Okay, I will make a list. That should be easy... I think.

1. I always wanted to be an actress. Any All My Children Fans out there?  I wanted to be Erica Kane.  Unfortunately, a woman named Susan Lucci got it first. ;)  BUT... my high school English teacher said that I would be a shoe in for it, if she ever retired. Unfortunately, the show retired before she did.

2. And then I wanted to be a writer. I began writing stories when I was a kid. I loved telling people what to do lol! You get to do that when you are a writer!! If I couldn't be Erica Kane and order people around, maybe writing books was even better. ;)

3. Worked as a model for my high school art department and an assistant co-ordinator of the  yearly fashion shows.

4. I have always seemed to be writing somewhere. I worked at About.com from 1998 until 2004 as their Beauty Editor.

5. Articles have appeared on Good To Be You, The Beauty of Playing, She's At Home, Studyweb,  York Daily Record.com, Cincinnati Post, Virtual Manchester.com, Information Today and CompareItAll and lastly, worked for B5Media as their online Shopping Writer.

6. We have been married for 39 years and have one granddaughter  and yes, we still very young at heart lol!

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